“And I see a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.” From Revelation ch.21. v.1.

After a  somewhat extensive study regarding the forthcoming earth changes to be expected in the nearest future, I would like to disclose my belief and understanding to readers that there are two major events that will occur simultaneously. Two events effecting both Mother Earth and her children.  Here is a brief summary of these forthcoming changes…

Winter Solstice


Around the time of the Winter Solstice in the year A.D. 2011, a “Great Cycle” (composed of many 5,125-year cycles) will culminate!


One knows in advance when the moon will be full at this time. But no one can anticipate the cloud formation or patterns on that day, or the nature of the jet stream, or how the wind will be tossing the waves, or at what moment the moon will break through the clouds to reveal to us a breathtaking Reality – so long awaited. (My guess would have to be a revelation of our truly loving extraterrestrial brethren, along with the vision of a new dimension and galaxy).




New galactic field


The events to follow will certainly be “the shift” or moving of this earth and her star systems into a new galactic field. As our solar system moves into the new field of space, the channel that allows the Creator´s awareness to reach us all, comes into perfect alignment. This will be a metahistorical moment, an event of simultaneous “Alpha and Omega” to our species and to all that we have ever known.


This event will begin a new season of the universe. For the cosmic tide, so to speak, which only turns with the culmination of many Great Cycles, will now turn to begin its slow and patient return to the “eternal sea” where all awareness just IS. (This reminds me of the description I once heard about the Creator´s “exhaling” or outbreath of lifeforms, and now it is the time for the “inbreath” or inhaling of these lifeforms back to their source, or to the awareness of their God Source and identity. Hmmm, all this surely is the process of mankinds evolution).




Higher consciousness


The second event, occurring simultaneously with the first, will be that of the Quantum Awakening to a higher consciousness of God Awareness in each individual. As more energy will now be released in a very few moments rather than typically released upon the earth´s surface over many years. The energy will take the form of heightened perception and deepened connection that will rejoin the individual and God.


The consciousness that will ultimately emerge from this event will be the consciousness of the Eternal One, the Creator, the Being of Life itself, now awake and aware for the first time inside a material universe. (Remember, God and man are ONE).




Quantum awakening


Although these changes, these events will be dramatic, they need not be traumatic. We are already living in the dawning hours of the “Age of Planetary Awakening”. The earth has a due date, sometime during the second decade of the 21st century, for a quantum awakening where subconscious orientation in “fear” will be replaced by conscious orientation in “love”. All will feel an unmistakable surge of power in the instant of quantum awakening, and the effects and implications on each of us depend upon the choices we make today.


The best way to prepare for any future moment is to trust in the overall benevolence of the universe and its resident intelligence and to be fully in your present moment now. Make your decisions out of love and refuse to be controlled by the subconscious machinations of fear.

Do realize and accept the joy that we are about to rejoin and know our galactic family. It is the Creator´s wish, as we are all one with our Creator.




For further information, I recommend the following books:

“The Third Millennium” by Ken Carey

“Revelations for a New Era” by Suzanne Ward (A Matthew book).

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